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July 2012


Civic Action For Better Buying Decisions

Civic leaders in the greater Toronto area have a vision for making it the greenest city region in North America. This will be done by achieving reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, better air quality, improved water quality, reduced waste and more sustainable land use. One of three initial projects aimed at areas with the highest potential for improvement is a guide to buying products and services that minimize negative environmental impacts.

The Guide includes paper, office furniture, and paper products used in food and catering that come from forests where practices have been certified to the CSA SFM standard.

It is published by Greening Greater Toronto, an initiative of Civic Action, which is a “coalition of thousands of civic leaders who develop and launch solutions to pressing social and economic challenges in the Toronto region”.

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Confirming Sustainable Forestry

The CSA forest certification standards have been endorsed by PEFC. Check out this video for more on PEFC, the world's largest environmental movement.



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CSA certified logs used in tsunami rebuilding project


Western Forest Products, whose forests lands are certified to the CSA SFM Standard are donating fir and cedar logs used to replace damaged masts on the San Juan Bautista sailing ship. Originally built in 1613, the 1993 replica ship, located in Ishinomaki, Japan, lost it’s foremast and main mast to the 2011 tsunami.  Read the full article here.


The Whole Truth… and Nothing But

Inaccurate information about the CSA Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) certification program has appeared on occasion in some green building articles and tools.  Efforts are being made to correct that. 

 Meanwhile, here are the facts:  

  •  CSA is a Standards Development Organization.  It uses internationally accredited standards development processes.
  • Two of CSA’s standards address Sustainable Forest Management in Canada
  • These standards are written by a Technical Committee with multiple, balanced interests
  • No single interest can dominate the process, or the decisions that are made
  • Certifications are carried out by independent third-party auditors
  • Products from CSA certified forests can display the PEFC label
  • No wood in a PEFC certified products can come from controversial sources

The detail behind these statements, and up-to-date, accurate information about the CSA SFM Program can always be obtained directly, by emailing

 Please help pass the word. 

PEFC Chair Receives Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award

Bill Street, Chair of PEFC International, received the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award in June for his efforts on behalf of IKEA's workers in Danville, Virginia.   The award is bestowed by American Rights at Work, an independent NGO, that recognizes those who advance human rights for workers.

“From the top down, PEFC is today a leader in social standards thanks to Bill’s guidance” said PEFC General Secretary, Ben Gunneberg. “During his term as PEFC Chair we have strengthened and clarified some of our fundamental core values pertaining to the social aspects of sustainable forest management.  This award comes as no surprise to us who work with Bill on a regular basis.”

In addition to chairing PEFC International’s Board, Bill is Chief of Staff of the Woodworkers Department of the Machinists Union – IAMAW.  Prior to that he was Director of the Global Wood and Forestry Program for Builders and Woodworkers International, the global federation responsible for construction, wood, and forestry unions.

Bill Street.png   The link to the full article can be found here on the PEFC website.

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