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December 2011


Wood is Good!

Check out this powerful story on the benefits of using wood (under 2 minutes).

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Confirming Sustainable Forestry

The CSA forest certification standards have been endorsed by PEFC. Check out this video for more on PEFC, the world's largest environmental movement.



PEFC International

At a recent meeting of all members, PEFC International revealed additional resources for promoting certified forest products to a range of customers. PEFC now offers brochures of specific interest to the printing, packaging and publishing industry, architects and designers and the construction industry. These brochures are available on the PEFC website at /resources/brochures.



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 Trade show display 2011.jpg CSA User Group Display at Graphics Canada


Communication Toolkit Completed

A rich variety of tools for communicating about the CSA and PEFC certification programs are now listed in one comprehensive Communication Toolkit. It reads like a shopping list of what’s available for General Promotion of these certification programs, and the topics of Chain of Custody and Sustainable Forest Management specifically.

The Toolkit was developed under a PEFC Collaboration Fund project. The materials listed highlight the benefits and importance of the CSA standards, and the link between Canada’s well-managed forests and PEFC on-product labels. They can be used as appropriate by (or with) certified companies, supporters of sustainable forest management programs, other producers in the supply chain, final customers (retailers), Aboriginal communities and public advisory groups.

Over the next weeks applicable sections of the Toolkit will be distributed to groups and individuals with an interest in the CSA and PEFC programs, for their own information and for use in increasing awareness about these programs.

Members of the CSA SFM User Group can access the Toolkit now, from within the members section of

Reaching Out

Customers and professionals in the solid wood and paper industries learned about the PEFC endorsed CSA SFM standards and PEFC Chain of Custody through exhibits at the following tradeshows in 2011:

American Institute of Architects Expo (May 12-14, 2011, New Orleans, LA)
The AIA 2011 National Convention attendance topped 20,000 industry professionals and included about 800 exhibiting organizations in the Design Exposition. The CSA SFM User Group exhibited as part of the Canadian Wood Products Showcase along with Forestry Innovation Investment, the Forest Products Association of Canada, the Canadian Wood Council and other Canadian solid wood organizations. The Showcase objective was to promote Canada as a global supplier of wood products and to increase the awareness of Canada is a world leader in sustainable forest management and certification.

US Green Building Council Greenbuild (October 4-6, 2011, Toronto, ON)
The CSA SFM User Group appeared at the US Green Building Council Greenbuild Expo for the fourth consecutive year. This was the first time Greenbuild has been held outside the US and, while attendance was lower, the event still attracted about 22,000 attendees. The User Group participated as part of the reTHINK WOOD Products Showcase along with the same Canadian partners as at the AIA Expo. reTHINK WOOD is a strategic communications campaign to competitively position wood as a green building product. The LEED certified wood credit issue continues to be the major focus of the User Group’s participation in Greenbuild, and again the majority of attendees we spoke with supported an inclusive approach to the certified wood credit.

Graphics Canada (November 10-12, 2011, Toronto, ON)
Graphics Canada is Canada’s largest and longest running printing industry show and this year drew about 10,000 attendees. The show provides an opportunity to make printers and graphic designers aware that PEFC offers a Chain of Custody and the opportunity to label PEFC certified paper products from Canada’s most widely used certification standard. Some of the attendees we spoke with were already certified and looking to add PEFC; others were not yet certified and researching their options.

PEFC Chain of Custody Standard Transition 

On November 26, 2011 the PEFC Annex 4 Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products – Requirements standard was replaced by the revised standard PEFC ST 2002:2010 Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products – Requirements. From this point on all certification, re-certification and surveillance audits must be carried out against the revised standard. Information on transition to the revised standard including a Webinar and Q&A is available on the PEFC International website. The PEFC ST 2002:2010 standard and PEFC GD 2001:2011 Guidance document are also available on the PEFC International website.

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