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CSA SFM User Group Newsletter

July 2011


Where to Find Us

The CSA SFM User Group will be at these upcoming trade shows and conferences in 2011:

Greenbuild October 4-6, 2011, Toronto (Ontario)


American Institute of Architects (AIA) Expo 2011

The AIA 2011 National Convention and Design Exposition had a total attendance of about 15,000 industry professionals and almost 800 exhibiting companies. This marks the third consecutive year the CSA SFM User Group has exhibited at AIA Expo. The User Group display was part of a Canadian Wood Products Showcase, which also featured Forestry Innovation Investment, the Forest Products Association of Canada, the Canadian Wood Council and other Canadian solid wood organizations. Delegates were provided with information about the CSA SFM Standard, chain of custody, and opportunities to use certified wood. The exclusion of CSA and other PEFC-endorsed standards from the certified wood credit within the LEED building rating system was a popular topic again with delegates, who generally did not agree with the continuing USGBC position.



PEFC International

At a recent meeting of all members, PEFC International revealed additional resources for promoting certified forest products to a range of customers. PEFC now offers brochures of specific interest to the printing, packaging and publishing industry, architects and designers and the construction industry. These brochures are available on the PEFC website at /resources/brochures.



Your Opinion Please

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CSA Sustainable Forest Management Program Receives PEFC Re-Endorsement

PEFC members voted unanimously to approve the CSA Sustainable Forest Management Program for another five-year period. The approval follows a rigorous assessment against international PEFC requirements by a qualified independent consultant. The assessment process began in July 2010 and took a full year to complete. It included a 60-day public consultation period. The final consultant’s report was reviewed by the PEFC Panel of Experts for consistency and quality, and by the PEFC Council Board who recommended it to members for approval.

The approval includes a re-endorsement of standard CAN/CSA-Z809-08 Sustainable Forest Management and an initial endorsement of standard CAN/CSA-Z804-08 Sustainable Forest Management for Woodlots and Other Small Area Forests. The endorsements will be valid until June 2016.

All documentation related to the endorsement process, including the full assessment report and Panel of Experts’ review, will be publicly available on the PEFC International website.

Collaboration Fund Awarded to PEFC Canada

PEFC Canada is extremely pleased that its application to advance sustainable forest management (SFM) and certification was one of five proposals to receive award funding from PEFC International (see news release).

The application, to promote the CSA SFM program and its branding to the PEFC label and chain of custody will receive award funding of $30,000 Swiss francs ($35,000 Canadian dollars).

In the latter part of this year PEFC Canada and the CSA User Group will be developing and delivering a toolkit of materials for outreach to Aboriginal people, the general public, and new and existing customers of certified products. You can expect to hear more about these developments as the work progresses.


Green Building: LEED Pilot Project Recognizes CSA Certified Products

A new U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Pilot Project awards a point for green building projects where at least 10 percent of non-structural products (such as office furniture, carpets, or insulation) are third-party certified. The CSA, FSC, PEFC, SFI and ATFS forestry standards are specifically named, as are many non-forestry certification standards.
This is a welcome change from the existing LEED certified wood credit for structural materials, which currently only credits FSC certified wood.
Pilot projects are used as testing grounds for new and innovative ideas before they are fully incorporated into the LEED rating system. The new ‘Certified Products’ Pilot Project is available here to download and comment on (click on Credit 43).

Certified Forests… and Certified Products

Buyers of wood and paper products are increasingly concerned about sustainability issues. This includes illegal logging which is a serious problem in some parts of the world, is a principal cause of global deforestation, and threatens the legitimate forest products industry.

Certification to the CSA standards for sustainable forest management means that forests are well-managed. But it does not establish a link from those certified forests to the wood and paper products that are made from them.

So CSA forest certification is often complemented by PEFC product certification. This put a chain of custody in place that confirms wood or paper products have in fact originated from CSA certified forests and other responsible sources.

The following sources provide more information about what a PEFC chain of custody is, and how it provides customers with assurance about the products they are buying:

- PEFC “Chain of Custody Certification – The Key to Selling Certified Products” (a guide)
- FPAC “Chain of Custody for Forest Products” (a webinar)
- PEFC “Revised Chain of Custody Standard” (a webinar)


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