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CSA SFM User Group Newsletter 

April 2011


Where to Find Us

The CSA SFM User Group will be at these upcoming trade shows and conferences in 2011:

AIA Convention and Expo  May 12-14, 2011 New Orleans, LA

Greenbuild Oct 4-6, 2011 Toronto, Ontario


Chairman's Award presented to BC Interior Community Volunteers


A public committee that has worked with local forest companies on sustainable forest management in the southern interior of B.C. since 2001, has received the third annual CSA SFM User Group Chairman’s award for their leadership and personal commitment. Read more.



PEFC Re-endorsement of CSA Program

The process of having the updated CSA program re-endorsement by PEFC continues. The steps involved include an assessment by an independent assessor against PEFC’s Sustainability Benchmark, a 60-day public consultation period, a review by a Panel of Experts, a recommendation of the Board of Directors, and a vote at the General Assembly. Reports generated to date are publicly available here.



UK Government Favourably Assesses PEFC

The UK government's Central Point of Expertise on Timber Procurement (CPET) completed their 2-year review of the global certification programs, and once again found that both PEFC and FSC provide assurance of legality and sustainability. The documents from this exercise can be found here.


Your Opinion Please

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New Logo Creates Global Market Recognition.

A new promotional logo has been adopted by the CSA SFM User Group that communicates the link between Canada’s CSA certified forests and certified products carrying the international PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) label.

The logo combines a Canadian maple leaf with the PEFC label, to represent the endorsement of Canada’s CSA SFM standards under the PEFC program. It also speaks to the fact that CSA has adopted the PEFC Chain of Custody standard, so products containing fiber from CSA certified forests can carry the PEFC label.

The PEFC label is widely recognized in international markets. Customers will now be reminded that it encompasses high quality fibre from forests certified under Canada’s CSA SFM standards. The new logo is only for use by User Group members * in promotion and awareness materials, and is available free of charge by contacting Mr. Paul Wooding of PEFC Canada.

CUG_Horiz_FullMark_CSA Comp 350 pixel.jpg


Making a Difference on the Ground -
Lessons Learned in Public Consultation

Transparent, two-way information sharing is required of companies under the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) standard. This is building respect and common ground between forest companies and the public, and opening doors that help address issues before they become problems.

Mistik Management Ltd. is a woodlands management company in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. It provides timber procurement and forestry services for its owners, NorSask Forest Products Inc. and Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc. The company is certified to both the CSA and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest management standards for the practices used within a 1.8 million hectare area of public forest.

In 2004 Mistik formed a Public Advisory Group (PAG) as part of the public participation process for CSA certification. Representation was solicited from all major stakeholder groups who had an interest in or were associated with the Mistik forest area. The PAG met often during the certification process and development of the CSA SFM Plan. With that work now complete, the group meets once a year to review progress against the targets that have been set.

The staff at Mistik shared the following advice based on their public consultation experience to date:

  • Ensure the same staff members are involved in the group’s meetings. This consistency has helped developed a rapport and good relationship between PAG members and Mistik.
  • Get out to the field together. The second day of each annual meeting involves a forest tour, because Mistik has found that providing time for direct involvement in an issue has been more successful than just presenting information. As one of the group commented on a recent field tour “Driving by at 100 km/hr, it did not look like the regenerated area we assessed was growing trees. You have to get out of your vehicle and physically walk the site”.

“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”  (Chinese proverb)

  • Encourage members to pass information on to the groups they represent.
  • Keep an open door with all PAG members and all public.
  • Follow-up. When questions are asked, public members know that they’ll receive an answer.


Reaching Out

Customers learned about the two CSA SFM standards and their links with PEFC through exhibits at the following tradeshows in 2010 :

Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) National Conference (June 9-10, 2010, Vancouver, BC)
The CaGBC owns the Canadian licence for the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) and implements the LEED Green Building Rating System in Canada. Delegates were provided with information about the revised CSA Z809 Standard and opportunities to use certified wood.

American Institute of Architects Expo (June 10-12, 2010, Miami, FL)
The AIA 2010 National Convention and Design Exposition had a total attendance of 17,000 industry professionals and over 900 exhibiting companies. The CSA SFM User Group exhibited as part of the BC Wood Products Showcase along with BC Forestry Innovation Investment, the Forest Products Association of Canada and other Canadian solid wood organizations.

US Green Building Council Greenbuild (November 16-18, 2010, Chicago, IL)
The CSA SFM User Group appeared at the US Green Building Council Greenbuild Expo for the third consecutive year. Awareness of the LEED certified wood credit issue (now only 1 point out of a total of 110) was greater than at the show in the two previous years. The vast majority of attendees we spoke with supported an inclusive approach to certified wood credit. About 25 to 30 thousand people attend Greenbuild and many are passionate followers of the USGBC program. The LEED uptake is enormous and still of concern when it comes to the certified wood credit.

Print World (November 20-22, 2010, Toronto, ON)
Print World is the largest printer show in Canada. It provides an occasion to make printers and graphic designers aware that PEFC offers a Chain of Custody and the opportunity to label PEFC certified paper products. Some attendees were already certified and looking to add PEFC; others were not yet certified and researching their options. Some attendees were already Chain of Custody certified and looking to add PEFC; others were not yet certified and researching their options.


* emphasizes that the promotional logo is available for use by members of the CSA SFM User Group of Companies (words in italics added to newsletter April 11, 2011).

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