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CSA SFM User Group Newsletter 

April 2010


Where to Find Us

The CSA SFM User Group will be at this upcoming trade show and conference:

AIA Expo 2010 - June 10-12, 2010 - Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, Florida



CSA Certification Tailored Made for Canada's Public Forests.

The requirement for ongoing and active public participation in how forests are managed for all values sets the CSA certification apart from other  standards.  In a series of articles beginning with this newsletter, we will introduce you to how these requirements are making a difference on the ground.




Disappointment With Certified Wood Credit in LEED

 The CSA User Group joins others in expressing  disappointment over the U.S. Green Building Council's latest draft changes to the LEED certified wood credit. Link to USGBC letter.



Lac-Saint-Jean Public Advisory Group Wins Chairman's Award

The Lac-Saint-Jean Public Advisory Group received the second annual CSA SFM User Group Chairman’s award today for their leadership and commitment in advancing the sustainable forest management objectives of the CSA forest certification standard. Link to News Release


CSA Making a Difference on the Ground - Conservation of Exceptional Sites

 Lac Saint Jean CSA Public Advisory Group & AbitibiBowater, QC

A public committee made up of some 27 local stakeholders was formed in 2003 for the CSA certification of 3.2 million hectares of forest managed by AbitibiBowater’s Lac Saint Jean Forestry Division in Quebec. This committee has played a key role in identifying improvements in forestry practices for that forest. The followings is one example of differences being made on the ground.

The objectives of the Lac Saint Jean Advisory Group are to identify sites of special biological, cultural and spiritual value with local stakeholders; to assess various requests; and to define conservation measures that should be taken. Since the approval of this indicator in 2004 four requests have been analyzed.

In June 2006, Nature Québec asked the Advisory Group to consider special conservation measures for the White Mountains Valley area. A proposal was submitted to the Advisory Group by Madame Mélanie Desrochers, Protected Areas Project Manager for Nature Québec. Following her presentation the Advisory Group requested an annual allowable cut impact study. The end result of this work was that in April 2007, following a request from the Advisory Group, the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment & Parks included the site in its legal process to complete the province’s network of protected areas.

Three others requests for the conservation of special sites were put forward to the Advisory Group by the Maria-Chapdelaine MRC (Regional Government). These sites were: la Chute Blanche (White Falls) with a unique scenic value, and River Micosas' streamsides well known for Ouananiche (Fresh water salmon), and the largest Yellow Birch in Québec. The Advisory Group analyzed the sites and as a result, special conservation measures were integrated into the 5 year forest management plan (2008-2013).

New sites will also be proposed by the Québec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife over the next years. Because of the Lac Saint Jean Advisory Group’s conservation successes, the Ministry has requested the group’s cooperation for the analyses of new proposals as well as their possible integration in forest management planning.

CSA SFM Standard for Woodlots Now a National Standard of Canada

At the request of the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners, CSA developed a standard for responsible management of woodlots and other small area forests up to 4,000 hectares in size. The standard, Sustainable Forest Management for Woodlots and Other Small Area Forests originally published in March 2008 was approved as a National Standard of Canada by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) in December 2009, and is now officially designated as CAN/CSA-Z804-08. The SCC approval provides an assurance that the standard reflects the consensus of a balanced representation of stakeholders and that it will make a significant and timely contribution to the national interest.

The standard is available free of charge in English and French from the CSA Online Store

PEFC Canada Annual General Meeting

PEFC Canada, incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in September 2008, held its first Annual General Meeting on March 17, 2010. PEFC Canada represents the interests of organizations that have certified their operations to the CSA Sustainable Forest Management Standard (CAN/CSA-Z809), as well as organizations both with and without forest management certification that are certified to the PEFC Annex 4 Chain of Custody standard.

With the objective of ensuring that PEFC certified forest products from Canada have access to offshore markets, PEFC Canada continues to monitor and provide input to a number of developing government timber procurement policies, including those of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium.

PEFC Canada is currently working to secure the re-endorsement of the CSA SFM Standard Z809 by PEFC International as well as the initial endorsement of the CSA Woodlot Standard Z804.

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