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CSA SFM User Group Newsletter 

November 2009


Where to Find Us

The CSA SFM User Group and PEFC Canada will be at these upcoming trade shows and conferences:

USGBC Greenbuild - (booth 3571)         November 10-12, 2009 - Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Graphics Canada 2009 - (booth 2312)         November 12-14, 2009 - International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario

AIA Expo 2010 - June 10-12, 2010 - Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, Florida






PEFC Canada is One Year Old

PEFC Canada manages Canada's membership in PEFC's International Council on behalf of forest managers certified to the CSA SFM Standard.   It was established as a stand alone legal entity in September 2008 to take on this role, and now also issues PEFC logo use licences for Canada.

 English CSASFM_Composite_4C_HighRes.jpg

Apply for the Logo
There are now over 50 licensed PEFC logo users in Canada. This is 3 times more than there were nine months ago when this role was transferred to PEFC Canada. And the growth in logo use licences shows no sign of slowing down.

The PEFC promotional logo can be used by organizations certified to the CSA Sustainable Forest Management standard and organizations wishing to promote the PEFC program. The on-product logo can be used by organizations with PEFC Chain of Custody certification. A licence is need for both types of uses, and can be obtained through a quick and simple application process. To use the logo, contact Paul Wooding, PEFC Canada Secretary at


CSA SFM Standard for woodlots

There are 450,000 owners of private woodlots in Cananda.  These woodlots cover 20 million hectares of forest land and produce about 13% of our countries total timber supply.  At the request of the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners (CFWO), CSA developed a standard for good management of woodlots and other small area forests -- the CSA Z804-08 Sustainable Forest Management Standard. CSA Z804 borrows heavily from the successful CSA Z809 standard, and takes into account the practical realities of managing woodlots up to 4,000 ha in size. It is freely available from CSA in English and French at 


To gain increased international recognition and acceptance of the woodlot standard, the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners is working with PEFC Canada and will submit the standard for endorsement from PEFC’s International Council

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