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March 2014



CSA User Group at AIA conference

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Assessing Sustainable Forestry

Local public advisory groups periodically review and evaluate the suitability of SFM performance measures where it counts - in the field.

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Need to know more about PEFC CoC?

 A webinar on the revised chain of custody standard.

Additional Information on the revised PEFC Chain of Custody Standard.

A webpage on the EUTR & PEFC Chain of Custody.

PEFC's revised CoC requires all holders to conform as of February 14th, 2014.

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Promotional Logo

The CSA User group's promotional logo helps remind customers that under the PEFC banner lies a substantial supply of high quality fibre from Canada’s CSA certified forests.



PEFC Global Standards for Sustainable Forest Management

PEFC’s Sustainability  requirements include: 

- Respect for property and land tenure rights as well as customary and traditional rights
- Compliance with all fundamental ILO conventions and occupational health and safety requirements
- Prohibition of forest conversions, the most hazardous chemicals, and genetically modified trees

The CSA SFM Standard meets these tests and is endorsed by PEFC. More about PEFC’s approach to forest certification can be found here.



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Revision of CSA Standard Kicks Off This May

It’s time again for a review of the CSA Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) standard Z809.  This regular review is done as part of ensuring that the standard continues to evolve, and stays current and relevant.

The revision is led by a Technical Committee that develops and maintains the standard in an inclusive, consensus-based process.  This will ensure it consists of people representing a balance of interests in four voting membership categories:

- Aboriginal Peoples, Governments and Regulatory Authorities Interest.
- Academic and Professional Practitioners Interest
- Environment and General Interest
- Producer Interest


No single group can dominate the standard review process.  The views of all participants are considered, and principles of inclusive participation, respect for diverse interest and transparency are used. Substantial agreement among committee members, rather than a simple majority of votes, is necessary.

The group will begin work in May 2014, and the revision process should be completed by May 2016.

Public notice of the review will be going out in a variety of forums, including this newsletter.  Surveys for the Public Advisory Groups that operate in forests certified to CSA, users of the standard, and the public in general will also be distributed before work on the standard revision starts.  And when a draft standard has been agreed upon by the Technical Committee it will be submitted for public review, and amended if necessary. 

The review process itself is being managed by CSA Group, a Standards Development Organization with a long, rich history in the development of standards using internationally recognized and accredited processes.  CSA maintains more than 2500 standards that enhance the lives of Canadians and people around the world.  

This will be the third time the CSA Z809 SFM standard has been updated and improved upon since its original publication in 1996. 

Your questions, feedback and comments are welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact:


Jonathan Fung
Project Manager, CSA Group
5060 Spectrum Way, Suite 100
Mississauga, ON Canada L4W 5N6
T 416‐747‐4155 | F 416‐401‐6779
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CSA Z809: Custom made for Canada

The CSA Group Sustainable Forest Management System (SFM) standard is a leading forest certification standard in Canada and the first national sustainable forest management standard in the world. First published in 1996, CAN/CSA Z809 is Canada’s official national standard for sustainable forest management, meeting needs of Canada’s forest sector and the unique public land ownership structure.

In forest communities where organizations are certified to CSA Z809, local public are involved in setting performance requirements for sustainable forest management and the continual improvement of those requirements.

More information can be found directly on the on the CSA User Group website or from CSA directly .

PEFC Extraordinary Assessment

In November 2010, the membership of PEFC International approved and adopted three new standards that describe the requirements for the PEFC endorsement of forest management certification schemes.  The three standards define requirements for Standard Setting, Group Certification and Sustainable Forest Management.

After approval by the members, the PEFC International Board of Directors decided on a 30 month transition period for the new standards and directed all PEFC members to show conformity of their endorsed national schemes with specific selected requirements of the standards.  This extraordinary assessment does not replace the periodic PEFC re-endorsement which is required every five years.

PEFC Canada completed the self-assessment of CAN/CSA-Z809-08 and CAN/CSA-Z804-08 against the selected requirements of the standards and submitted an application along with supporting evidence for the extraordinary assessment to PEFC International in early 2013.  PEFC Canada’s assessment concluded that the CSA standards meet all the selected requirements and is awaiting confirmation from PEFC International.


Reaching Out

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Customers and professionals in the solid wood and paper industries learned about the PEFC endorsed CSA SFM standards and PEFC Chain of Custody through exhibits at tradeshows in 2013. You can find the CSA SFM User group at the following tradeshows in 2014:

American Institute of Architects Expo 2014  June 26-28, 2014 - McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
Greenbuild 2014  October 22-23, 2014, - Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA

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