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September 2013



CSA User Group at AIA conference

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Assessing Sustainable Forestry

Local public advisory groups periodically review and evaluate the suitability of SFM performance measures where it counts - in the field.

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Need to know more about PEFC CoC?

 A webinar on the revised chain of custody standard.

Additional Information on the revised PEFC Chain of Custody Standard.

A webpage on the EUTR & PEFC Chain of Custody.

A Chain of Custody Training Seminar will also be held during PEFC’s Forest Certification Week, on Friday November 15, 2013


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The CSA User group's promotional logo helps remind customers that under the PEFC banner lies a substantial supply of high quality fibre from Canada’s CSA certified forests.



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CSA's public participation requirements recognized by BC's Forest Practices Board

British Columbia's Forest Practices Board produced a bulletin in July 2013 on their review of public involvement in forest management planning in the province.

The Board found that forest organizations providing public participation opportunities that went beyond basic legal requirements enjoyed a higher level of public confidence and received fewer complaints than those who did not.

As an example of exceeding public participation requirements, the Board cited the demanding public participation requirements of the CSA standard and the effectiveness that a local public advisory group had in the stewardship of public forests.

Any organization that becomes certified to CSA Z809-08 requires ongoing public dialogue with a local advisory group - thus all organizations certified to Z809 provide additional public participation opportunities like those noted in the FPB bulletin.  No other forest certification standard in Canada requires the continuous public dialogue on sustainable forest management that is found in CSA.


What’s the Connection between CSA and PEFC?

International Oversight and Recognition 

The CSA Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) standards are endorsed under the global PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) program. This endorsement verifies that they meet common, internationally accepted performance levels and were developed in a multi-stakeholder process.

Supply Chain Tracking, and Product Labels

The CSA program has adopted the PEFC Chain of Custody standard and product labels. 

PEFC Chain of Custody certification provides a measure of the portion of a product sourced from forests where the practices are certified under CSA.  It also provides assurance that any uncertified portion is from legal and non-controversial sources. Those products can then be marked with the applicable PEFC on-product label.


Need a way to meet the EUTR?  PEFC Chain of Custody is fully aligned.

Compliance with European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) is straightforward for PEFC-certified companies.

The EUTR came into force in March of 2013.  It prohibits illegally harvested timber or timber products from being placed on the market in EU member countries and sets out mandatory procedures to minimize the risk of illegal timber being sold. It applies to both imported and domestically produced timber, so is relevant for companies globally.

The revised 2013 PEFC Chain of Custody standard was published in late May 2013.  It satisfies the specific conditions of emerging and existing legislative and regulatory processes, with a particular focus on the EUTR. 

All PEFC-certified companies are required to implement the 2013 Standard following a 9 month transition period.  In the meantime, Meeting EUTR Requirements through PEFC Chain of Custody Certification outlines how companies certified to the 2010 PEFC Chain of Custody standard can align their existing system to EUTR requirements.

American Institute of Architects Expo 2013 

The CSA SFM User Group exhibited at the American Institute of Architects National Convention and Design Exposition for the fifth consecutive year. AIA Expo 2013 was held in Denver, Colorado and attracted over 16,000 architects, designers and other industry professionals. Delegates were provided information about the CSA SFM Standard, PEFC Chain of Custody and opportunities to use certified wood.

Tweets during the show reminded delegates that PEFC Chain of Custody certification is a good way to meet the requirements of the European Union Timber Regulation and the US Lacey Act to avoid the importation and sale of illegally harvested wood.

The exclusion of CSA and other PEFC-endorsed standards from the certified wood credit within the US Green Building Council’s LEED building rating system was a popular discussion topic at the booth, and delegates generally did not agree with the continuing USGBC position.

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